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Learning Biomagnetism has been a life-changing experience for me. As a doctor, I have always had a drive to help bring healing to others. When I first learned about Biomagnetism, the implications were astounding. If it were all that it promised to be, I imagined that Biomagnetism would revolutionize the health industry.

Once I began implementing Biomagnetism into my practice, the results were extraordinary. My patients experienced accelerated and more profound healing. With such impressive outcomes, I chose to dedicate my practice to Biomagnetism.

After years of witnessing a constant stream of ‘miracles,’ I felt compelled to share this knowledge with others. Hence, I developed my training seminars where students would leave empowered to take this healing modality to their family, friends, and clients.

Due to the demand for an online program, we have created our Biomagnetism and Beyond Online Training. We are confident that you will benefit immeasurably from this gentle, yet powerful technique. Welcome to this healing journey.

About the Biomagnetism and Beyond Online Training
Level I & II

A leader in the field of Biomagnetism with 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Garcia shares his expertise in practicing Biomagnetism. He explains the basics as well as how to handle complex issues unlocking the mysteries of each individual’s unique health concerns.

This course is on-demand so you may start at any time and will have access to the videos for 12 months after your start date.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

This Online Training qualifies you for Dr. Garcia’s Advanced Training.

25 hours of Material including

  • Biomagnetism Theory
  • Biomagnetism Pairs
  • Hands-on Training
  • Special Topics
  • Biomagnetism Experiences
  • Interviews with Dr. Garcia

Cost: $995

Topics Included in the Course

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Biomagnetism Experiences

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Question and Answer Forum

Dr Garcia in online training

Special Topics

Biomagnetism Guide Book

Fully Illustrated Guidebook

Dr Garcia with his patient


Luis F Garcia


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Supplies commonly purchased with the course

Biomagnetism Magnets

Biomagnetism Neodymium Magnets

Biomagnetism Shoes

Biomagnetism Shoes

Biomagnetism Magnets

Biomagnetism Neodymium Magnets

Biomagnetism Shoes

Biomagnetism Shoes



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