Lymph Drainage in

Lymph drainage in Biomagnetism Therapy
[Part 3/7]

Dr. Schaffner: Thank you for sharing all that. And I’m glad you touched on this whole idea of setting the foundation for our health and this whole idea of excess acidity and how that usually leads to a lot of symptoms. And you know, Dr. Klinghardt for his lecture on the summit talks about autonomic response testing and how that works. And many of us who are in the field of treating people with complex chronic illnesses, we all have our tool to really check in with the body and figure out how we can prioritize treatment.

And so if this is a new concept, if you’re listening, many of us on the front lines who are treating patients, we wouldn’t be able to see the results. I believe that we all do if we didn’t have a technique like this to check into someone’s individual body and prioritize, because without that, you’re just really guessing, you’re just making educated guesses.

So you know, and I just like to share here too like — you know, many patients find this accuracy in 20, even 50 doctors. And so they have had this opportunity for that other methodology to work. And unfortunately for chronic illness, we’re left short with results because there isn’t that acknowledgement or I think that the paradigm isn’t there for every doctor to check in with the patient like you’re saying.

So I just wanted to put that out there. So Dr. Garcia, you’re talking about obviously using magnets and it’s very specific. They’re used in pairs, they’re not used alone. And you know, the light bulb for me that has turned on hearing you is how you’re increasing flow, and drainage, and circulation to the areas where there are problems. Ultimately, I do see a foundational piece of why people are sick is this lack of proper lymphatic drainage, lack of micro circulation, low oxygen in the tissues.

And so can you talk a little bit more about how these paired magnets, you know, what you’ve seen with increasing the lymph drainage. And what I’m hearing is that you can get a symptom improvement pretty quickly. But is this something that you maintain the results, or do you have to do repetitively? Do you teach patients to do this at home? Or is it always in a clinical setting, but just sharing a little bit more about that?

Dr. Garcia: Absolutely. There was kind of a barrage of questions.

Dr. Schaffner: Yeah. I didn’t mean to overload you. But yeah, please do. And so go with wherever you want, but I think this whole idea of how the — you know, just breaking this down for the listener so they understand what’s happening.

Dr. Garcia: Absolutely. So in my sessions, particularly, depending on the issues, the imbalances that I find, I prefer that the patients take home magnets with them so that they can reinforce the work that I have done and continue the progress going. At the same time many of the — the majority, I will find certain infections and have to recommend that; you know what, this cough that you have had for the last six weeks that you’ve taken numerous antibiotics and it hasn’t worked. I feel energetically that other family members are sharing it. So even though we could do a culture analysis of the flame that comes out and say it would come negative for a strep, I still find the pH imbalance that’s left over from that strep infection.

So they received antibiotics and it “got rid of” may have eliminated the strep, yet the inflammation is still there. So they may go, you know, another four weeks before finally the cough goes away, but it’s now a reactive cough. It’s just inflammation that’s left over and the body hasn’t recovered appropriately. So through the use of magnets, I simply restore the pH and the body heals, sometimes instantaneously within minutes. Other times it may take 24 hours, other times it may take two or three weeks. It depends on how much inflammation there is, and what other underlying issues are occurring. But oftentimes — so the mother took the antibiotics, she still has the cough, yet one of her sons also has the cough.

He hasn’t taken antibiotics, but if that mother goes home, within two or three weeks, her son has given her back the strep, and she persists with strep. And she’ll take other antibiotics, yet it is now inside the home and it’s going from child to the husband, back to the mother. And so it just becomes a merry-go-round, then six months later, the entire family has been on antibiotics and it just around and around and around that goes.

And so by having them take home magnets, she can place the magnets on their lungs, on different areas of the body to help stabilize the pH imbalance where either the strep infection was hiding out. Or where it was causing the most inflammation, whether coughing causing the reactive cough or the flaming throat or the post nasal drip, you name it. And so that way, we can take care of the entire family and that way her issue will go away, much faster.

So it’s not necessarily focusing in biomagnetism therapy on the symptoms as much as the underlying issues. And so that’s where, unfortunately, conventional medicine errors, because they focus just what’s your symptom. You know, you have a headache, let me give you an anti inflammatory so that you no longer have a headache.

No, you still have the inflammation. It’s just your body can’t feel that symptom. You’ve turned down the volume. You haven’t actually solved anything for that individual, much less raised were stimulated their immune system so that their body can overcome whatever was causing that in the first place. And so the mental focus should be okay, why is the body responding with inflammation in that particular area? Is there an infection, is there an emotion? Is there a nutrient deficiency? Is there a toxicity overload? No, what is going on?

And so through the work of biomagnetism and the bio energy work that is done with it, you can determine exactly what is going on. And so in some individuals, they have a massive headache because of underlying emotional issues that they have. They’re going through a major divorce, and as much as they don’t want to admit that all that stress is causing that, they can take all the pain killers they want, but that emotional stress that they’re going through, is what’s causing that.

And so everyone is different, but once again, using the bio energy work, and learning how to think about disease and health in a different light is just so amazing for patients, because once again, they’ve been for years suffering from a lot of these things. And nobody has been able to come up with the appropriate solution until you start thinking outside the box. And stop thinking about; well, let me just turn down the volume. Because ultimately the volume is going to be raised in another organ, in another area through a different mechanism.

And the body is just going to continue to keep trying to talk to that individual and show them different signs and symptoms, yet, they’re going to take another painkiller, something else that’s stronger. And so ultimately, you’re throwing the body off in many more ways on a chemical level, on an energetic level, on a nutritional level because you continue eating the same foods that are unhealthy for you.

And just to give a few examples — And once again, everyone is different, but I personally do not leave home without my magnets like the Hurricane Express and other never leave home without them. And so this past 4th of July, we went up to Lake George with friends, and it’s a huge lake Upstate New York. And you rent the boat and you go for hours. And so I took my magnets and I put them in my pocket and I said — you know, I never know, I never want to be without them.

We rented the boat, we were on the water five minutes, and my friend’s wife said, “Oh, I think I have to go back to shore. I’m feeling nauseous. I’m seasick, you know, starting to do this to you guys. But I’m about to lose it.” And I said, “I have my magnets.” And I pulled them out of my back pocket and everyone’s like, “No, you did not bring your magnet.” And so I said, “Okay, this should be easy enough.”

And so, in her case, I grabbed her arms. Because you can do the muscle testing through either legs or works with the person’s arms. Not only can you do the muscle test of when you try to push it down, that’s the [inaudible] ART, or you have them make a fest. And so if there’s a positive response, one arm will contract relative to the other, or it will actually extend relative to the other. So in this case, I simply grabbed her arms and I asked her body very specific questions in terms of what is the underlying cause of your imbalance issue? Why are you getting seasick? Is it due to an infection and imbalance in pH, this that.

And I got my appropriate responses and so I figured out that I needed to place two magnets behind her head in this particular direction vertically. One black magnet on her medula oblongata; the brainstem, and the other magnet on her cerebellum. And fortunately, she was wearing a baseball cap, so I slipped them underneath. And then I asked her body energetically, will you require another pair of magnets in order to alleviate this seasickness? Her body responded, no.

And so I asked, okay, how many minutes? 18 minutes, we had to leave the magnets on. And so I said in how long will she receive improvement? And so I muscle tested, use the bio energy technique and responded in about eight minutes, she’d start to feel better. So I said, “All right, let’s anchor down. Let’s wait about 10 minutes and then we’ll start the boat back up again and see how she feels.” And so we did that. And then she said, “You know, I think it’s gone.” We took off full throttle and her seasickness was gone. And we were able to continue with the rest of the three hour boat ride.

And so you know, all it took was less than 20 minutes of leaving the magnets in the back of our head. And so she no longer needed to take any type of medication or look for acupuncture points in the wrist or elsewhere. It was simply a matter of placing two magnets in the exact location that her body responded where she needed it. And so because of that particular location, amongst the answers and questions that I did, I was able to figure out that she had scrambled eggs that morning, and they were little on the wrong side.

And so it was because of those eggs they happen to contaminate with a particular virus that goes to the cerebellum and causes some equilibrium or balance issues. And so, once again, that was solved pretty quickly and we were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the boat. For more information about Biomagnetism and its practices refer Dr.Gracia biomagnetism

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