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    1. What can I expect in a session?

    After discussing health concerns, the client lies down on a massage table. The practitioner gently holds their feet while using Applied Kinesiology to evaluate and identify where imbalances are in the client’s body. Once identified, pairs of magnets are placed on the body and secured in place with masking tape where they will remain for up to a half an hour. This process is repeated a few times during a session.

    2. Are there any side effects of Biomagnetism?

    There are no real negative side effects to Biomagnetism therapy. The majority of people feel good immediately after a session, but a few people may feel exhausted or wiped out after a long and complex therapy.  Just as exercise is beneficial for the body but may demand a couple days of recovery, Biomagnetism exercises the immune system and may necessitate a couple of days of recovery. Fatigue may result from detoxing as the body drains inflammation and toxins. When this happens, the body simply needs ample fluids and good sleep for the following three days as the body restores homeostasis. 

    3. Can Biomagnetism be used in conjunction with other therapies or treatments?

    Absolutely. Biomagnetism is an excellent complement to other supportive therapies. Homeopathic, herbal, and medicinal flower essences are especially symbiotic. Biomagnetism is also compatible with antibiotics or other medications. You should continue to see your primary care doctor for follow-up. You and your doctor may find that medications may be adjusted or eliminated as your body’s pH balances through Biomagnetism and its healing capacity improves.

    4. Are there any instances when Biomagnetism is not recommended?

    There are no contraindications to accepting biomagnetism, just precautions. 

    • Pregnancy. Biomagnetism may be applied during pregnancy. An experienced practitioner will know to ask whether the therapy should be best applied for the mother or baby or both and how to apply the magnets for each situation. Miscarriages are common in the general public esp. During the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, and so we encourage practitioners not to place magnets on the uterus to avoid accusations in the case of a miscarriage.  
    • Epilepsy. Clients with a history of epilepsy may also benefit from Biomagnetism and must understand that when toxins are being released from the body, sometimes a detox reaction may occur. There may be a temporary increase in inflammation while the body adjusts.  A well trained and experienced therapist will know the best areas of the brain and body to work with to bring the appropriate balance to minimize detox reactions. 
    • Pacemakers. Biomagnetism may be used on clients with pacemakers, as long as the area of the pacemaker is avoided. Biomagnetism doesn’t interfere with a pacemaker but may drain the battery. 

    5. Can Biomagnetism help with emotional or psychological issues?

    There are various ways in which emotional and psychological dysfunctions are relieved.

    • One is through chemical balance. When a microorganism, such as a bacterium, virus, fungus, or parasite, causes a dysfunction in the central nervous system or the endocrine system, they interfere with the hormone signaling.  Some of these hormones include Serotonin, Acetylcholine and Epinephrine, which act as an adrenaline regulator, an emotion regulator, and antidepressant respectively. Once the pathogen has been eliminated, the hormonal processes are restored and emotional or psychological problems are either reduced significantly or disappear.
    • Electromagnetic distortions within the central nervous system also contribute to emotional and psychological dysfunctions. Magnets are able to balance these distortions, improving regulation of the endocrine system. There are also specific pairs relating to psychological or emotional issues, the need for which may be identified during a scan.
    • Emotional issues can be complex and therapy may be necessary, but Biomagnetism may help with contributing factors. 

    6. How many sessions will I need?

    Everybody is unique and, despite similar diagnoses, each person faces a unique combination of pathogens and health challenges. So many varying factors affect each person’s recovery that it is impossible to predict a timeframe. Some people have a dramatic response during the first biomagnetism session. Others have a slow, gentle recovery feeling no changes for quite a few sessions until eventually there are perceptible improvements. Either way, the body advances toward health. 

    7. Where can I find a Biomagnetism therapist?

    8. If there is no therapist near me, Are remote sessions available?

    Yes, there is an energy element to Biomagnetism that–on a quantum physics level–does not have locality and can be directed despite location which allows for remote sessions. Biomagnetism practitioners have very good results working remotely. 

    9. Is Biomagnetism covered by insurance?

    At this point we are not aware of any insurance within the United States that covers Biomagnetism. Nonetheless, clients find Biomagnetism fees quite reasonable compared to the conventional medical costs that they avoid including costs for doctor visits, medical procedures, and medications. 

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