How Effective is
Biomagnetism Treatment?

How Effective is Biomagnetism Treatment? [Podcast Part 8/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: And Dr. Garcia, if someone is interested in a biomagnetism treatment, how long does it typically take?
Depending on the complexity of their individual case. So the more symptoms the person is experiencing or the more, quote unquote diagnoses they have, the more session’s requirements are going to be. And so if somebody just comes in for the common cold or sinus issues, it should be able to be resolved within two, maximum three Biomagnetism sessions. But if someone comes in for five years worth of Lyme’s symptoms and this individual has taken years of antibiotics and other medications, well, it’s going to take either, you know, six to 12 months or somewhere around six to 10 sessions because you have to undergo undo years of acquiring different infections. And so that’s the issue that, you know, people would love for there to exist a magic bullet where, you know, I have lymes and I take antibiotics for one month and it’s resolved. No lymes is the combination of virus plus fungus plus bacteria plus parasites. And so pretending to take care of it with doxycycline or, you know, a combination of antibiotics. No, that’s only taking care of one type of pathogen, not of the many different pathogens that are, you know, in combination inside that individual, because by taking the antibiotics, you’re throwing off the guts microbiome. And so that’s becoming unstable and you’re allowing for
Dr. Inna Topiler: Yeah. And that’s why I think you and I work so well together, because, you know, you’re approaching it from that and I’m approaching it more from kind of the functional medicine and and then together.
Dr. Garcia: Correct.
Dr. Inna Topiler: With addressing all of those different things, because it is also looking at stress and looking at diet and where your nutrients are absolutely.
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