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Heals Chronic Illness

Biomagnetism Therapy Heals Chronic illness | [Part 5/7]

Dr. Schaffner:Yeah. It’s a wonderful personal journey. And obviously, you know, your patients tell you every day to stick with this and the results you’re seeing. You know we talked about a lot of different conditions that people — you know, people might be thinking, “Is bio magnetism a therapy that I should try from my own body?” You know, I of course see a lot of chronic illness and there’s this whole conversation about chronic Lyme disease. And you mentioned the fungal and parasitic infections and heavy metal toxicity. And then we’re all exposed to herbicides and pesticides, and EMF and all of these things.

And so do you feel that, you know, with the chronic nature of the conditions we’re seeing, that people really to maintain their health — like, do we just have to continue to use bio magnetism to maintain our health? Do you really see curative and you know, people can get to this next level of health, and ensure maybe for maintenance. But just kind of reframing how we look at these chronic conditions.
You mentioned a really great example with the strep. And then kind of the imprint and the pH that left behind that wasn’t resolved as well as the exposure that was going. You know, my goal here is to help shift the paradigm of how we think about these things in this conversation. So just maybe giving people more help out there who might be struggling with these complex chronic illnesses, and how this tool can be so helpful for them to regain their health.
Dr. Garcia: Yes, absolutely. So this tool is, I would say, honestly — of course, it’s going to be my experience, because I’ve been doing this now for 11 years. With my knowledge of all the other techniques out there, I would say this is the one that really can unite them all. Only because of the bio energy aspect where I can ask the body; is there an underlying nutritional deficiency, is there an underlying toxicity issue? Is there an emotional issue? Does this require magnets to rebalance, etc, etc.
And so, the majority of the time, 9 out of 10 times; yes, the body will benefit from the magnets. And occasionally, or I would say, 8 out of 10 times there are absolutely other factorial issues involved. Just like cardiovascular disease we all know has to deal with genetic issues, sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, etc.
The majority of issues and conditions have to do with also underlying heavy metal toxicity, nutrition, nutrient deficiencies; have to do with a low magnetic energy state. And so with the magnets you can restore that state. Has to do with pH imbalance issues, has to do with emotional issues, has to do with other spiritual issues as well. There are so many different factors involved that through the use of the bio energy work, that bio magnetism requires, you can actually pinpoint which one is higher on the scale.
And so you mentioned Lyme disease, which is what I tend to see the most of now. And so I do have a YouTube video out there where I talk about Lyme disease. And in my experience, Lyme isn’t just about the Borrelia burgdorferi infection. It’s about all the co- infections that are involved, that unfortunately, everyone is only thinking about, “Okay, maybe there’s would be B. burgdorferi, or mycoplasma pneumoniae.” But nobody’s thinking about is there underlying Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus. Is there fungal issue because of the overuse of antibiotics?
And so there’s Candida overgrowth, and there are other yeast or mold toxicity issues. And are there other bacterial infections such as an underlying tuberculosis or underlying Yersinia pestis species, or underlying parasitic infections, such as malaria. And so I’m finding more and more of that Lyme patients have underlying malaria. And so you would think — but wait a second, Malaria is in the United States. How is that possible? No, it actually is, unfortunately. And so somebody goes down to the Caribbean, or goes to Africa, or Europe, Latin America and they’re bitten by a mosquito, and then a week later they come back to the US but their immune system is strong and healthy. They were on vacation, everything is status quo, but then one or two months later, their immune system dies. And that’s when outcomes the malaria or the Zika, or whatever infection they acquired down there.
And then they can be bitten by a mosquito and then that mosquito takes in their malaria and then it bites their neighbor, or somebody in Central Park, who hasn’t flown out of the country, now they have an underlying issue. So Bartonella can be spread through mosquito infections. And so people are being bitten by mosquitoes and black flies and green flies and all these things constantly. And who’s to say that a fly or a mosquito isn’t biting a deer that has Lyme, and then that mosquito a week or two later bites a human. It now give that human the infection from the deer, or whatever animal it had. And so unfortunately, mosquitoes, flies are spreading a lot of this. And so when I apply biomagnetism therapy to these individuals, I find these layers of infections. And so I first in the first session, I’ll get rid of one or maybe two layers of infections. And then in the next session, I’ll be able to see other layers that were underneath.
And so our body is like this glass that is able to withstand different inflammation, infections, imbalances, emotions, trauma, you name it until it reaches its limit. Once it’s reached the top, it will spill over. If it spills over here, you’ve got neurological issues over here. You’ve got muscular-skeletal issues over here, digestive over here, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances. And so with by biomagnetism, you can actually through the bio energy work, ask the body and be able to ascertain what the most important things are, so that you can bring these levels back down.
So that the person will regain their health in the most optimal, efficient, ecological way. And so, you know, is it about first addressing heavy metal overload issue? Is it about the nutrient deficiencies? Can you do them at the same time? Yes. Is it about the pH imbalance and low magnetic energy state? Absolutely.
And so, once again, for me it has been the overall unifying factor where I often have to tell the patients; look in your particular instance, it’s your relationship with your husband or your children that’s causing this underlying stress, which is causing a lowered immune system, which has allowed for this infection to take over. And so you can use these supplements to help raise your nutrient status, then your immune system can kind of kick in a little bit more, but you also have these heavy metal toxicity issues. So you want to take some chelaters and antioxidants here, but you also have to work on your relationship with your son or your daughter or your spouse because that is what, behind the scenes, is bringing everything down.
Bioenergy energy work of magnetism that you can discover all of those things. And so you can place the magnets on different areas of the head that will help reduce the sympathetic nervous system; the fight or flight response that makes you be on edge and with anxiety and hyper vigilant state, so that you can kind of bring things down. So that sure, what would normally set you off and put you in a state of anxiety or insomnia. All of a sudden, you’re like, it’s not so bad anymore.
And so it helps change your mind set when you can reduce all of that information that you have going on in the brain. And so it’s kind of like when we stay up late at night or we haven’t slept well the night before, how do you feel the next day? You’re groggy, you’re cranky, have a short fuse or short tempered; you know, somebody could say hi, and you’re…
Biomagnetism during the sessions, you tend to feel very relaxed, very mellow. You’re in a sort of hypnotic state, yet you can also learn to maintain that through the placement of magnets to keep everything at a much more stable place energetically, or rather, in terms of pH balance in your brain, in your central nervous system, in your muscles, joints, etc. For more information about Biomagnetism terminologies visit What is Biomagnetism
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