Why Muscle Testing
in Biomagnetism

Why Muscle Testing in Biomagnetism [Podcast Part 5/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: yeah, that’s so interesting and I have had muscle testing done before meeting you, You know many years back and I’ve always had it done where someone would have me either hold something or they would ask a question and they would have me put my hand out and then they would press down on my hand and then my hand would either go weak and drop or it would stay strong and I always wondered well, but what if I’m holding my hand out like very like high or maybe my muscles just get tired or you know, what else could be going on and I was absolutely accurate it was and so what I really liked about the way

that you do it is you put on these shoes that have a magnetic soul on them and then I would lay on the table and you would use my feet and will you could explain it’s obviously better than I can but it would be where one foot would become longer than the other but I am actually not even hearing what you’re asking or trying to hold my foot in a certain way. So I’m almost kind of Involved if you will so don’t have to worry about. Oh, maybe I’m just holding it too high or holding it too strong. You know what? I mean?

Dr. Garcia: Absolutely and that’s actually the beautiful part about that aspect of the technique that you are not involved whatsoever. So part of the success in muscle testing is knowing how to ask the proper questions. And so what I mean by that is it’s very different to Ask “Can Susie eat avocados” as opposed to “May Susie eat avocados” the difference being in “Can Susie eat avocados?” Yes. She can anyone can you and I can all we have to do is put it in our mouth. Right? It’s not a question of you know, can you physically do it? The question becomes “May Susie eat avocados” without it interfering in her health. That’s where the intention and the / focus of the question comes in. So if you ask “May Susie eat avocados”, obviously, you’re asking what the best intention of may she did it without becoming sick or may she dated, you know, without getting an allergic reaction or having a negative reaction. That’s where the body will respond know. She may not eat avocados. And so unfortunately, you know, there’s a certain experience required to do muscle testing so that you know the right questions to ask and how to ask them. And so the response of the body is going to come in the form of an involuntary muscular contraction in either the legs or the arms depending on which one the therapist is holding and it’s involuntary in that as I’m holding your legs and asking that question one of your legs will simply start to contract and because you’re laying down on the massage table with your legs kind of propped on top of a pillow and you’re very relaxed all of a sudden you’re going to start to feel a slight sensation of one of your legs either sliding up towards your body or sliding down and that’s your body’s involuntary muscular response and touring the therapist question.

Dr. Inna Topiler: It’s a really cool feeling and I’ve had many sessions with you over the years and it actually feels super relaxing but you do feel that little bit of like the muscle contraction and then the lengthening it did a very very mild than a lot of times I think for some people who might just want to relax and maybe even take a nap they may not have been fill anything but I know that you are able to see right there because the shoes you know, when you you wear these special magnetic shoes and the souls lineup and so then if one leg is going to extend out, you know, it’s only about half an inch or so it’s not that much. You see right there because the shoes don’t online anymore. Correct?
Dr. Garcia: Absolutely and the one slight correction there is not the shoes are magnetized often times. I will add magnets to the feet. But the reason for the shoes is just so that I can line them up properly because I look at the edges of the shoes to make sure that they’re lined up. Okay, right as opposed to if I were only holding on to your heel will the heel is round and you can’t really tell when one heel gets shorter with regards to the other one because of that roundness, but with a shoe usually has lines and the edges are very clear and Crisp.
Dr. Inna Topiler: That’s right. Got it. So what’s interesting about what you do is you have pages and Pages. Yes of various infections that you go through it again. I’ve been through the process more than one so I can really speak from personal experience. And so you ask the question you ask them in your head so I don’t necessarily hear it but you know Sort of see you flipping the pages. How many infections do you test for?
Dr. Inna Topiler: That’s right. Got it. So what’s interesting about what you do is you have pages and Pages. Yes of various infections that you go through it again. I’ve been through the process more than one so I can really speak from personal experience. And so you ask the question you ask them in your head so I don’t necessarily hear it but you know Sort of see you flipping the pages. How many infections do you test for?
Dr. Garcia: I test for literally just over maybe six seven hundred different infections often times. I will scan for bacteria virus, fungus, parasites, endocrine organ dysfunctions as well as certain emotional issues as well. Well as certain traumas or surgeries or scars, I can ask anything. I want literally and the body will respond then yes or no questions. As long as those questions are relevant and have to do with the betterment of the individual so I can’t ask what is tonight’s lottery number going to fall as you know, obviously that is a no. No. Question, yes, but I can ask, you know is Susie eating something that is affecting her health in a negative way. Should she stop eating a particular food group? Yes, and then I can go into further questions such as is it coming from her breakfast for her lunch from her dinner if it comes from her lunch, then I asked her. What is she having for lunch? And so as Susie tells me well, I usually have soups for lunch, right? If salads, sandwiches, or I eat out for lunch or you know, then I can muscle test and have the body guide me and narrow down the choices until I get to a particular food group or food.
Dr. Inna Topiler: Yeah, and you know for everyone listening for those that have had muscle testing before an experienced it you know exactly what Dr. Garcia is talking about. And for those that haven’t I know what you might be thinking and that is well. This is a little weird and trust me I was there. And I first had the therapy and I’ve had other muscle testing. I was always I don’t want to say skeptical but I always wondered well, how does this work with? This is a little weird and I don’t know, you know, and how can we really find out by asking but with Dr. Garcia’s sessions, it’s been really amazing because there’s things that he would pick up that there’s no way he could have known but were true and I’ll give you one example and I if you have seen me as a client, you probably know this. Because I talk about this a lot but I started seeing Dr. Garcia a couple of months before I got pregnant with Jake and I had mentioned to him that we were going to start trying and we’re just gonna you know, just see what happens, you know, we weren’t really actively trying and so I ended up seeing him one week and he went through the whole series of questions and after about 20 minutes doctor. I see remember you had that look you were like hmm. I don’t like what’s wrong. What’s wrong? Like, what do I have what’s wrong with And you’re like, well, you’re like did you say that you were trying and I said well sort of but not really yet. And you’re like, well you were pregnant and I remember saying well, I don’t know because the timing really was off and I don’t know if I really am and you said well either you’re pregnant or you have a parasite in your uterus. And of course I was like, oh my God, I have a piercing in my uterus is what happened laughing.
You’re like, oh my gosh stop. And and I said, well, how do you know? I don’t understand and you said that when I test through the different organ systems I saw that there was something in the uterus and the only thing it could be either is a baby or you know, there’s something negative in there and you know having a parasite uterus is not something that really happens in this country or you know something I think you said you’ve only seen like once in your life and you know, I just I tell the story because and I was pregnant with Jake at that time. I just didn’t even know it was too early to even take a test. And you know, I never even asked Dr. Garcia to check on this. This is something he just picked up through doing it. So this way of muscle testing, you know, if it’s a practitioner that really has the practice that knows what they’re doing could be really amazing and there’s I have so many other stories similar to this of where you know, there are certain things. I had in my body whether it was a bruise or even an emotion. I was feeling or something else that was going on that I didn’t even tell you when you picked up in the testing. It’s just it’s really amazing.
Dr. Garcia: Yeah, like I said, I said with the more years of experience and the more training that a person goes through the more they’re going to have you know, a whole library of questions and it’s a whole different mindset really to ask about with each particular individual and it’s something that you know, I was a bio-major in college. I went to Boston College I did three and a half years of genetic research and had someone told me that you know years later I would give up my medical license to do Energy Medicine and I would be using muscle testing. I would bet the house and the kitchen sink that they’d be wrong. You know, I would have laughed at that. However fast forward, you know, 20 some odd years. And yes here. I am relying on muscle testing to place magnets on individuals so that the magnets can stabilize modify the individuals pH balance in those different organs to restore that PH balance back to whether it’s the thyroid the liver the kidneys the pancreas and have that individual start to feel healthier and let their body heal itself without any external medications just through whether it’s detoxing the liver the kidneys you name it and boom write all of a sudden you see Miracles start to happen. For more information about Biomagnetism and its practices refer
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