How Magnets are Placed
Depending on Infections?

How Magnets are Placed Depending on Infections?
[ Podcast part 6/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: Let’s talk about this, so you go through the testing and you find, you know, imbalances in certain organs and you find infections. And, you know, in Suzy’s case, she had tons of different infections, you know, some more Lyme related, some more or just other, you know, different viruses that could be connected to other infections. So once you have that and let’s just say someone maybe has 30 different infections and several different balances, how do magnets work and how can they make it better?

Dr. Garcia: Sure. So I think we’ve all played with magnets when we were younger. And when you bring one magnet close to another magnet, depending on whether it’s north or south, polarity on both magnets, you will either push the other magnet away if you’re using two identical polarities towards one another. So north, north or south south, you end up pushing that energy away. Or if you use north to south magnets, it’s going to pull the other magnet towards it’s going to attract. So depending on which way you’re placing the magnets on the body, you’re going to either bring more circulation to an area so that it starts to heal faster, such as bruises or after surgeries. Wherever scars are involved, you place the magnets over that tissue where there’s inflammation and it’s going to resolve extremely quickly. We’re talking about, you know, no edema and little to no pain at all. And, you know, depending on the exact placement of magnets, if it’s over the liver and you’ve had several drinks and you’ve got a buzz going by placing the magnets in a particular direction over the liver, you’re going to be flushing the liver and stimulating the detox process. So that buzz that you had going for about half an hour, it’s now going to drain and disappear within five to 10 minutes. And so it’s really quite amazing because all of a sudden you feel back to normal. And so, you know, I’ve tested that in at least 30 plus individuals over the years. And it keeps, you know, the same response. He keeps occurring over and over. Not only is is it a, you know, pretty immediate buzz kill, but there’s also no hang over the next day. And so that’s just one instance of, you know, magnets over a given organ or area. You could do the same thing with the lungs. You did the same thing with the kidneys, the bladder for bladder infections and other issues. And it’s just amazing.

Dr. Inna Topiler: And I’ve seen that we’ve done it with sinuses. You know, if there’s congestion or the sinuses are just clogged and there’s areas where you would put it over the sinuses and you literally feel everything just drained down.

Dr. Garcia: Absolutely. Yes. Excellent example. Yes. You felt that several times. Absolutely.

Dr. Inna Topiler: Now, what about what specific infections? Because, you know, obviously infections could be all over the body or they could be in a specific area of the body. So can you talk a little bit about how the magnets are placed for infections? Is it different for different people or are they the same placement depending on the infection?

Dr. Garcia: That’s slightly more complex answer, but those are great leading questions because the honest answer is all of the above. And so what I mean by that is when I first started out with biomagnetism, I went to the seminar down in Ecuador for a week and was excited with all the information that I wrote down. And so I came back to my medical office and I said, OK, I’m going to start to use magnets on people and see if it really works, if all this is true. And so. The first patient, you know, that I saw later in the week had a urinary tract infection, and so I scanned her through muscle testing and determined that she had E. coli, because when I asked about her index fingers, as well as her thymus gland, her legs shifted, giving me a yes through muscle testing. And so thymus gland and when it balances out to liver, represents E. coli infection, but so does index finger on the right with the index finger on the left when you placed magnets there. And so what I did in that particular instance was even though I detected that she had the imbalances of an E. coli infection causing the urinary tract infection before placing the magnets, I told her, look, I’ve identified E. coli, but I would prefer for you to go down to the local lab two blocks away, leave a urine sample for testing and culturing, and then come right back and I will place the magnets on you. But I told her, I suspect you have an E. coli infection. So she went there. She left a urine sample, came back, and I proceeded to place the magnets on those two particular pairs of points, thymus with liver and right index finger, black magnet on the right index finger, the fingerprint region and a left magnet on the left fingerprint region, the index finger and waited 15 minutes and then I had her come back three days later and for her to pick up her laboratory results, when she brought me the results, it tested positive for E. coli infection.

And when I asked her, how did you feel with regards to your urinary tract infection symptoms? After I placed the magnets, she said, Doc, I’ll be honest. After I left your office, after having placed the magnets, my fever, chills, urinary issues, symptoms absolutely disappeared. I feel fine now. And so to get that positive confirmation in the urine culture that, yes, she was very positive for E. coli and that’s what I had muscle tested out to. That was amazing. Even though she was symptom free. I said, you know what? Go back to the lab, drop off another urine sample and let’s see if you’re still testing positive or maybe, you know, somewhat positive. And I may need to write a script for antibiotics for you. And she said, OK, great. She went back down to the lab. She left another urine sample. She came back three days later, brought me that new lab report. And it came back absolutely normal and negative for E. coli infection. And so I thought, wow, you know, this was a great and tremendous example of being able to treat urinary tract infections without the use of antibiotics only through muscle testing. And I was able to confirm through laboratory testing that the bacteria were no longer present. Why? Because I balanced out the specific areas of the body where the E. coli bacteria was kind of hiding out or resonating within the body. And so after that experience, I said, all right, I need to see if this was a fluke and let me test it out in other urinary tract infection patients, as well as pneumonia patients as well as other patients. And so I started asking patients to go down to the lab, drop off, sample this, that. And let me tell you, after about 10, 12 patients doing exactly the same thing for urinary tract infections and then other patients with pneumonias and kidney stones and this and that, it was amazing because if the urinary tract infection I detected, it was through protease bacteria or Klebsiella bacteria or citra back there, no matter what the bacterial infection that I detected, the laboratory would come back with that same bacterial infection. And then afterwards the second lab would come back negative all the time. I did not recommend any antibiotics, so it was just absolutely amazing. And after, you know, 12 or so trials of that, I decided, you know what, I’m no longer going to waste the patient’s time, money, effort to drop off samples. I’m just going to simply treat with magnets. And if their symptoms don’t go away, then I’ll offer them a second or even third session. And so that’s exactly what happened. I mean, you know, it was rare that it wouldn’t be resolved in one session, maximum two sessions. And so I kind of started getting confident after a while.

Dr. Inna Topiler: Yeah, well, that’s fascinating.

Dr. Garcia: It blew my mind.

Dr. Inna Topiler: And I know that since you were actually in South America, right. Doing research with malaria and you were able to do stuff with magnets for that, too.

Dr. Garcia: Yes. So back then I was also working with malaria, but I wasn’t as confident. And so actually last year I went to Africa with a mission organization and I did my own research with malaria patients out there. And so I was able to prove that through the use of magnets, the individuals that at first were positive on the microscopic blood smear showing the malaria parasites underneath the microscope. And they were also positive for a blood test, what’s called a rapid antigen blood test for malaria. After 72 hours, they were no longer positive for both the blood smear and the rapid antigen or protein test in the blood. And so exactly how that worked, I have no idea. But it worked. And so, unfortunately, we went towards the end of mosquito season and we’re only able to test six total individuals. But of those six, they all became negative after one or two sessions of placing the magnets. And so we would like to either go back next year or at some point and repeat the experiments with large numbers of individuals and, you know, prove this beyond a doubt, but I think six out of six is a great start.

Dr. Inna Topiler: Absolutely. And, you know, speaking of malaria, I know that a lot of people may think, OK, well, malaria is something that I get, you know, in Africa or in other countries. And it causes, you know, these major symptoms and there’s fevers and, you know, it’s very, very dangerous. The list of Biomagnetism therapists can be viewed here.

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