What is Biomagnetism?

What is Biomagnetism Therapy?

Biomagnetism is a scientific, therapeutic, and bioindividual approach to wellness that balances the body’s internal pH allowing the body’s innate immune system to work optimally.  

When a body is stressed—physically, chemically, or emotionally—one area of the body will draw ions (H+ or OH-) from another thus altering the local pH and creating hyper-alkaline and  hyper-acidic area. The altered pH creates environments where pathogens can thrive and the immune system is hindered.  

Biomagnetism utilizes the application of therapeutic grade static magnets placed in pairs with north and south polarity on the specific parts of the body that demonstrate an imbalance. These pairs push out the excess ions enhancing the body’s own ability to regulate and re-establish optimal pH. The body’s amazing ability to repair and heal itself is only possible if the proper nutrients and environment are available. The specific placement of magnet pairs supports the environment allowing the immune system to function optimally so that healing can advance. 

Dr Garcia with patient

This principle adheres to the scientific knowledge that magnetic fields are a naturally occurring vibrational phenomenon each with its own properties and effects. Biomagnetism utilizes this phenomenon in identifying the unique imbalances of each person resulting in a personalized approach for each individual.   

Biomagnetism works with an already existing force of nature in order to provide an environment that nurtures the body’s wellness.  

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