– Eliminating Health Mysteries

Conclusion – Eliminating Health Mysteries [ Podcast Part 11/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: Well, Dr. Garcia, thank you so much for all of this information, it’s so enlightening. And, you know, again, what you do is just really fascinating. And I really wanted to introduce my listener to this just because there’s so much here. And I think it’s so interesting. So thank you again for being here and providing all of this information.
Dr. Garcia: Thank you very much for having me on.
Dr. Inna Topiler: As we just heard, infections can hide in many areas of the body and testing for them can come in many ways from looking at blood and urine with labs to using the body’s knowledge with kinesiology. Similarly, eradicating infections could be done in more ways than one. We have various medications as well as supplements and herbs, but also really need tools like magnets that can help shift the bodies PH and help with the infection. I will tell you more about what we did for Suzy in just a second. But first, if you want to contact or find out more about my guest, Dr. Luis Garcia, please visit  and go to episode number 37. There you will see all the details, show notes so you can reference everything that he and I discussed. And for Susie, we had a two pronged approach. I evaluated her test results and saw that her body was not dealing with the virus as well. And every time she was a bit stressed or had any changes with hormones like around her period, her immune system plummeted and the viral symptoms reared their ugly head because it would be quite expensive to test for every single virus and infection. And since these bugs can often hide. I also sent her to Dr. Garcia to help us get a better idea of which viruses were more predominant and what other infections were present. He found a ton of hidden stuff from Epstein Barr to cytomegalovirus, both German and English, measles, malaria, Yersinia and Pseudomonas, just to name a few. These infections were not acute. They were more stealth, but nonetheless they were in the body and burdening the immune system. Suzie had a biomagnetism treatment and felt more energy within just a few days. At the same time, because she had so many sensitivities, I took a deeper look at her liver and detects pathways with an organic acid test and saw that some pathways were compromised, which was not a surprise to me, and they were creating a gridlock so toxins could not properly get out. I put Suzie on a product called Igby and Naysay, which stands for an acetylcysteine from Designs for Health, which addressed both Phase one and phase two of liver detox and an antiviral protocol with lysine, selenium and zinc. Now, I also supported her gut with ortho, biotic probiotic and colostrum. After the first month, she went four whole weeks, even during her period week without getting any of her viral symptoms. She had three more biomagnetism treatments over the next three months while continuing on all of the supplements during this time. And it was extremely happy to report that her body aches, fatigue and the feeling of constantly getting sick were gone. She still had to be more careful about chemicals, but her sensitivity to them improved by over 50 percent. And so detoxification got better. We are continuing the protocol and as more infections are eradicated and the detox pathways continue to improve, I am looking forward to an even better reduction in the chemical sensitivities in the coming months. If Suzy sounds like someone you know, please share this episode with them and make sure you subscribe to the show, because the next health mystery I uncover could be one you or someone you love is dealing with right now. When it comes to your health issues, don’t give up. The answers are out there and there is hope. I’m Inna Topiler, Thank you so much for listening and see you next week on Health Mystery Solved.
All information, content and material on this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis and or medical treatment.
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