What is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetism [Webinar of Luis Garcia by Dr Christine Schaffiner]

Dr. Schaffiner: Welcome everyone, I’m here with Dr. Luis Garcia and we’re going to be talking about Biomagnetism, Bioenergy and Beyond. Dr. Luis Garcia growing up in a medical family follows the passion of his father and grandfather and chose this field with a vision to serve the people. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Boston College in 1997.

And his medical degree from Universidad de la Sabana, I’m not going to be able to say that correctly, in Bogota, Colombia in 2005. And then Dr. Garcia served as Medical Director and Chief Science Officer at “Salud Futura” Clinic in Bogota, Colombia until June 2010, where he worked with Neurofeedback, Neurol therapy, Ozone therapy,

Homo toxicology, Neuro linguistic programming, Chelation therapy, DMSO therapy, Bioenergetics, Nutritional therapies, Biological medicine, Traditional Western medicine and Biomagnetism.

His extensive practice has given testimony of how biomagnetism may improve the lives of those with diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lime allergies, memory problems, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular issues among other health complaints. His goal is to stabilize the body’s pH and stimulate the immune system through the use of magnets and bioenergy.

Dr. Garcia, I’ve heard so much about your work. And I’m so excited to interview you today. And this being the Body Electric summit, we have to talk about Biomagnetism in us. We just shared your bio; you have a ton of experience and we were chatting before this call. You really are on the front lines of seeing the same patients that we see at Sophia. And I know that you’ve learned so much through really your clinical practice and you just have so much valuable information to share with us today. So thank you for being here.

Dr. Garcia: Thank you very much for having me.

Dr. Schaffner: Yeah. So many people might just be — this might be a new concept for them. And they might have heard about magnetic therapy or magnetism, or magnet therapy, but really what is biomagnetism?

And so the trick is, not necessarily trick but the most important thing is placing them correctly. So normal magnetic therapy oftentimes only uses one magnet place on the body, whereas in biomagnetism, it uses two magnets. So it’s actually a very specific technique, where you need to use a dual placement of magnets in opposite directions or polarities, to either draw the energy from one to the other, or push the inflammation away from an area.

So magnets will move hydrogen protons around in the body. So when we have inflammation, or infections, or dysfunctions in an organ, in an area, a space, bone, kidney, ligament, joint, organ, you can use the magnets to draw the protons either away from the area or towards the area, thereby increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, restoring the natural pH to that particular area. Just like a swimming pool or an aquarium that has to maintain its pH balance through the use of magnets, you can help restore that pH balance to the different organs, and so thereby reactivating the body’s normal functions.


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