Future of Biomagnetism Therapy

Future of Biomagnetism Therapy | [Part 6/7]

Dr. Schaffner: Dr. Schaffner: And I love that you shared this framework. I have a similar understanding of — you know, what our patients are going through too. Chelating lime is a great way to dialogue about the complexities of what we see, whether it’s this whole ecosystem. And there’s not just one infection, but all of the infections that you shared. And then you know, the layers of toxicity and trauma and how that all intersect. And so, obviously, this is a tool that you found to really work on all these layers. I think that’s a really important framework. As we’re shifting people’s idea of how you get better when you’re suffering from a chronic illness. It’s not just one thing and one treatment or you wouldn’t be so sick, you know, that would be a lot easier.
So Dr. Garcia, what are you most excited about and where do you really see the future of bio magnetism? You’re obviously at very full practice and you’re training other practitioners to get more people access to this form of therapy. But what is exciting you the most about the future of bio magnetism right now?
Dr. Garcia: That’s huge. I love it. So what’s exciting me the most is the results, you can’t deny them. And so just the other day one of my patients that her daughter happened to have some dizzy spells. So of course she brought home the magnets and places them on herself and her boyfriend. And she was able to heal herself of those dizzy spells after she’d learned the proper placement. And so the mother was then at a friend’s house and she had a huge vertigo attack.
And she was carrying the magnets in her purse. And so she texted me and was like, is it okay if I place the vertigo pairs on my friends or the dizzy pairs on my friend. And I responded; Yes, of course by all means do it. And she did it, and in less than three minutes her friend’s vertigo attack that usually when they came on, lasted for days, it resolved completely. And so here was one of my patients that were able to solve somewhat something for somebody else. And so there’s no denying that it works. One of the challenges in the future is going to be you know, how do we get this out there to the masses, so that they can find out about it. And unfortunately, we don’t have the millions of dollars worth of research that you know, industry has in order to prove this, but it is absolutely growing from just word of mouth.
You know, once patient has a tremendous experience of that. And they told the other person and the other and just, you know. Now, not only do I see that mother and her daughter, but because their health improved. I saw her three other sons and I’m yet to see the husband, he’ll be in soon. And so it just spreads because everyone is observing these improvements. And it’s all by word of mouth. I’ve done no advertising whatsoever. It’s just people realize that, oh, my goodness, this person was in terrible shape. All of a sudden, they are in such a much better healthy state. What did they do as a result?
And so what I’m most excited about, once again, is the future of biomagnetism after we get it to the masses. And so the way I’m trying to do that is through offering seminars several times a year and training others, whether it would be health practitioners, or housewives, or people that have never had experience in healthcare. Because all you need to know is, study and read and practice and use the magnets in very specific areas of the body to create that stable pH environment that allows for the body to then heal.
So I’m definitely very excited about the future, say 5-10 years from now, obviously, not next year. But there are thousands of therapists out there that can continue spread the word and have just these tremendous healing effects and experience experiences with their friends, with their family. And really, wow, I no longer need to suffer with the different conditions; everything from seasickness to breathing issues, etc. Just last two weeks ago, I was seeing a patient, she was lying down but her caretaker had horrible asthma attack.
And so I told the individual lying down and I said, “Do you mind if I place a few magnets on her so that I can help her breathing?” And so I immediately placed maybe 12 magnets on her and immediately, almost instantaneously, her asthmatic attack disappeared. And so she went from the wheezing to absolutely breathing calmly, and she couldn’t believe at the end of the 15 minutes when I took the magnets off.
And she was thinking; why did I leave my inhaler at home? And how could I have not brought it and it must have been the walk, it must have been the heat, it must have been something. She was blown away, and I happened to run into her this past week. And I said, “How have you been doing?” She said, “Amazing. I haven’t used my inhaler since. And my lungs feel completely better.” And so for an individual like that, sure, I’m going to have to see her maybe one or two more times and then teach her where to place magnets on herself if that event happens to repeat itself. So in some cases, you can teach the individual. All right, where do we place magnets? Are there on the top of your lungs or on the sides of the lungs or at the back of the lungs; to help restore balance to the lungs either from the sides, from the back, from the front, from different areas.
So that you’re maintaining that proper pH balance that was thrown off through different conditions, whether it was the atmospheric pressure or the heat or an infection or dysfunction, whatnot. Fortunately, through magnet, you can start to restore that and get the body to heal itself. For further readings on Biomagnetism What is biomagnetism
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