Why Underlying
Infection Happens

Why Underlying Infection Happens [Podcast Part 7/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: Can you also talk about how we can have sort of underlying infections of that, because that’s actually something that Susie had, you know, wasn’t full blown malaria, but she had some of the pairs for it.
Dr. Garcia: All health depends on a variety of factors. It depends on our stress levels, depends on our nutrition. It depends on how toxic we are. It depends on what other co-infections we have that weakened our immune system. And so if you are only bitten by, say, one mosquito and it introduced malaria into your body and at the time is beginning in the summer and you, you know, went on your summer break and vacation when your immune system was riding high and you, you know, ate healthy, everything was going good. And then towards the end of the summer or September rolls around, you go back to work and school starts and then stress starts and then exam time starts and you’re staying up late. You’re nodding and eating as healthy as you should be. That’s where the body starts to break down in terms of its immune system. And you’re not eating is healthy. And that’s where instead of the pathogen or combination of pathogens hiding out in one area, that’s where they start to spread amongst other areas. And so instead of you just feeling a little tired and achy, now you have a stiff neck. Now your sleep is off. Now you’re experiencing some anxiety. Now you’re having some digestive issues. And so each symptom is an underlying pathogen. And so the more magnets that I detect and determine that need to be placed on your body refers to the number of pathogens or how this particular pathogen has spread throughout your body, because what was once stable in terms of pH wise, it had an alkaline pH in your body. Well, now it has become unstable and now it’s a very acidic pH and it’s allowing for the growth of different pathogens.
Dr. Inna Topiler: And, you know, in Suzy’s case and thinking she had three different pairs from malaria, I think there’s a total of five, right?
Dr. Garcia: Actually, there’s a total of ten now after the Africa studies. Yes, there’s a total of ten, but on average, it can be about five or six. And so the longer you’ve been dealing with the issues, the more compromised your immune system is, the more these pathogens are going to venture off into other areas of the body and continue to affect you there.
Dr. Inna Topiler: Mm hmm. Yeah. So she had three and actually my husband Scott ended up seeing you a couple of years ago because he was having trouble sleeping. And one of the things that was happening is he was sweating a lot at night and he normally doesn’t sweat that much during a day. But he was sweating at night to the point where he had to change his pillow case every day and was always doing laundry. And I remember talking to you about it. You’re like, have them come in. I’ll take a look. And he had I want to say it was either four or five of the malaria pairs. And, you know, again, he didn’t feel bad per say. I mean, yeah, he was a little tired, but, you know, it was that not being able to sleep as well and the sweating and he used to do acupuncture and the acupuncture would help and he would have to do acupuncture every couple of months. And then he would start to kind of sweat again and he would do it again and then it would stop. But we moved and he was able to see that acupuncturist. And so he came to see you. And after two sessions, the night sweats stopped. And it’s been a couple of years and he hasn’t had it since.
Dr. Garcia: You know, I forgot about that example, but thank you very much for bringing it up. Yes, we got rid of those underlying infections and we’re able to stimulate his immune system to the point where his body took care of it. And that was the end of that.
Dr. Inna Topiler: Yeah, right. Exactly. It’s just, you know, I have so many different examples. And obviously, of course, Susie, who had so many different pairs for various infections and, you know, between everything that we did, plus the magnets, she was feeling so much better. For more information about Biomagnetism expressions visit What is Biomagnetism
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