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Biomagnetism embodies a gentle revolution, empowering individuals to unlock the innate healing potential within the body. Join us in discovering the profound impact of holistic wellness.

What is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetism is a scientific method for improving wellness by balancing the body’s internal pH levels, which helps the immune system function better. When the body is stressed, it can create imbalances in pH levels, making it easier for harmful pathogens to thrive and weakening the immune system.

Biomagnetism, also known as Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, uses therapeutic-grade static magnets placed in pairs with north and south polarity on specific areas of the body where there is an imbalance. These magnet pairs help to restore optimal pH levels by pushing out excess ions. By creating a healthier environment, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced. This approach is based on the principle that magnetic fields have unique effects on the body and can be used to identify individual imbalances. By working with the body’s natural processes, biomagnetism supports overall wellness.

Dr. Garcia and Biomagnetism

With 17 years of experience in biomagnetism, Dr. Garcia has created and refined protocols to address various complicated health issues like Lyme disease, diabetes, traumatic brain injuries, and respiratory problems. He’s a prominent figure in the growing field of energy medicine.

Dr. Garcia has thriving practices in both New Jersey and New York. He imparts his extensive knowledge through Biomagnetism and Beyond Training seminars, where students delve into the scientific principles of biomagnetism, explore the placement and potential advantages of numerous magnet pairs, understand how to address challenging health issues, and engage in hands-on practice sessions every day. Both non-professionals and healthcare workers attend these seminars, gaining the skills needed to apply biomagnetism on their loved ones, friends, and clients.

Dr. Garcia’s online Biomagnetism and Beyond seminar gives students everywhere an incredible chance to study biomagnetic therapy. The online course uses an easy-to-use webinar platform letting students learn comfortably from home and at their own speed. You can rewatch lectures, take quizzes to make sure you understand, and ask questions to Dr. Garcia and his team. This training is the most thorough and informative biomagnetism program available online worldwide.

To assist biomagnetism practitioners, Dr. Garcia offers a variety of products, ranging from biomagnetism magnets and specialized shoes designed for ease of use for the practitioner to therapeutic products. He also offers his acclaimed Biomagnetism and Beyond Practitioner Guidebook and the Beyond Biomag 3D App. This app features 3D models, a scan point guide, and a health condition glossary linked to biomagnetic pairs, aiding both novice and experienced practitioners in applying biomagnetism more effectively.

Biomagnetism is a powerful force that helps you unlock the natural healing abilities of the body. Come be a part of this amazing journey.

Dr. Garcia

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How Does Biomagnetism Work?

Biomagnetism offers a scientific and therapeutic path to well-being that stands apart from conventional Western medicine. This method aims to enhance the body’s bio-magnetic equilibrium, fostering health through balance. By restoring and maintaining optimal pH levels and promoting homeostasis, Biomagnetism encourages the body’s innate healing capabilities. It improves oxygenation, circulation, and immune system function, and may even alleviate soreness and swelling. Similar to exercise, it yields positive effects on the body. This energetic therapy scans for pH imbalances and applies medium-intensity magnets to specific areas to balance acidity and alkalinity.

Our Biomagnetism training seminars cater to a wide audience, from medical professionals like doctors and therapists to individuals seeking self-healing methods. Through training, participants learn to detect, classify, and correct pH imbalances using magnets.

Unlike magnetic therapy and acupuncture, Biomagnetism utilizes pairs of magnets with opposite charges placed in precise anatomical pairings. This restores pH balance, creating an environment less conducive to pathogens. Results can manifest in minutes, days, or weeks. Biomagnetic Therapy is a trustworthy therapy and used with precaution for patients with pacemakers and pregnant women. Its ultimate aim is to restore health efficiently and safely.

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