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Get trained in Biomagnetism Therapy | [Part 7/7]

Dr. Schaffner: Well, I really appreciate you sharing all of your knowledge and your passion and these stories. And through this summit, we’re getting the word out. And if people want to learn more about your work, or how to train with you, or how to learn about more about bio magnetism, where can they find you?
Dr. Garcia: Sure. So you can visit my website, which is And there’s all the information necessary. And another thing that I did about two years ago, which also has been helping out the community and the masses, is I developed an app that you can download on your phone whether it’s Android, or Apple system, iPods, etc. And you type in the different health issue that you have, it will guide you towards where you place the magnet on yourself and where you place the red magnet; that can have a balancing restorative effect for your body if you place them in the correct areas.
And so not very particularly user friendly for those that have never experienced a session or don’t know what’s going on in terms of biomagnetism. But it’s more geared towards either the practitioner to have as a handy reference tool for those that have already seen once or twice that now they’re used to. So the magnets, you know, it’s no big deal. I shouldn’t be afraid of them and I can play around with them, and place them on different area of my body. And so I’ve tried to teach and instruct them to use magnets either on a daily basis or weekly basis to keep their energy levels up and to help restore and maintain their body’s pH.
Once again, it’s amazing how a simple pair of magnets like these can do so many things on so many levels, in terms of, you know, our gut, digestive tract, our respiratory system, our cardiovascular system, our muscular-skeletal system. Now there are just literally limitless possibilities and different tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years with these. For example, in the wintertime, real quick, when I go skiing with the family. I unfortunately don’t have time to train and everything to get my muscles up to speed for when the weekend comes when we go skiing. But what I do is, Saturday evening, I will use the magnets on my quadriceps, on my hamstrings, on the different muscle groups that I feel the soreness coming on.
And because they increase circulation and reduce inflammation, they’re going to drain the lactic acid buildup. In the next day, I’m feeling fresh and I can go skiing. And I’m not going to feel that soreness and discomfort and stiffness that I would have felt had I not use these to kind of help my body flush everything and continue to improve my circulation.
So everything from that to — my daughter is in travel soccer and about a month ago, she hit her head real hard and she had low concussion, a TBI; Traumatic Brain Injury. And so she was very dizzy and confused on getting up and so my wife called me. I happened to be attending someone at the time. And I asked him, “Do you mind if I do a distance session and use your body as a bridge to work with my daughter’s energy long distance?” He said, “Go right ahead.” That energy distance worked, and then I texted my wife exactly where to place the magnets on my daughter.
So my wife drove her home. She got home, put her on the couch, she placed the magnets on her, waited 15 minutes, took them off, ask my daughter how she felt. She’s like, I feel great. I’m fine. I’m hungry. So something like a TBI that should really be taken seriously, maybe go to the hospital, see neurologists or pediatrician. It was resolved quite quickly, just with a few simple pairs of magnets placed on her that brought inflammation down immediately that restored pH balance in her head.
The examples and the options are limitless with it. Obviously it’s not going to help everything 100% because our body has a certain threshold point. So diabetic patient that has had diabetes or the pancreas has gone through extensive inflammation for over 20-25 years and they’ve been on medication. Well, that pancreas has kind of pass a certain threshold point beyond which as much as I try to heal it, it’s not going to be able to go back down to the prior level. And so certain organ systems areas, if they’ve passed a certain point of no return, well, there’s not much that anyone can do for them.
You know, it’s a case of trial and error, but I’ve definitely seen some miracles happen on many levels. And this once again, is so beneficial that it can be combined with conventional allopathic medicine and medications and other procedures.
Dr. Schaffner: I love the your story, it’s almost like we need the magnet center, home first aid kit just for you to be able to help your family and everything. Well, Dr. Garcia, you’re a wealth of knowledge. And you just had your second baby girls. So congratulations. And I really appreciate you taking the time during this really important time in your in your life. So thank you for taking the time to do this interview and share your knowledge and your expertise with us today.
So I’m hoping everybody, we’ve definitely made them more and more curious that they’re going to check out your information, and learn more and how to find a provider in their areas when they want to seek out these therapies. So, yeah. Well, thank you so much for your time and being part of the summit.
Dr. Garcia: Thank you very much, Dr. Schaffner. I appreciate it.
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