Is Biomagnetism
Covered Under Insurance?

Is Biomagnetism Covered Under Insurance? [Podcast Part 9/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: If everyone listening, if someone’s interested in having a treatment, is it something that’s covered by insurance or is it a self pay?

Dr. Garcia: Sure. It’s unfortunately right now a self pay insurance does not know about this form of therapy, maybe in the future. This is brand new to the United States. It’s been around here in the United States for less than 10 years. That’s one of the reasons why I came with my family from Columbia to the United States to introduce this. And as of two years ago, I’ve been teaching this around the United States. So I currently offer training seminars to practitioners and just to the general public. Anyone can learn this, whether you’re a housewife or you’re a chiropractor or physical therapist. You know, understanding and learning where and how to stimulate the body in the proper areas can generate, you know, tremendous change for yourself and your family. I mean, you have plenty of examples where, you know, you’ll come in for a session, but at some point I’ll recommend that you place magnets on your husband or your child so that you can stop the spread of some of these underlying infections or so that you can heal one of them for other issues that they may have shared with you.

Dr. Inna Topiler: Yeah, that’s the beauty of it, because if you have it, other people have it. So if you treat everyone in the family.  For further readings on Biomagnetism What is biomagnetism
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