What will be the Cause
for Mystery Symptoms

What will be the Cause for Mystery Symptoms [Podcast Part 2/11]

Dr. Inna Topiler: So, Dr. Garcia, why do you think so many people around the world are experiencing mystery symptoms?

Dr. Garcia: Unfortunately, I believe that today’s current technology in laboratory work is not sufficient. And we’re also not testing for enough things. And so what I mean by that is oftentimes doctors are missing certain key infections, such as infections by mosquitoes. And so nobody here in the United States is really testing for something like Dengay or Ziko or Chikungunya or malaria, for that matter.

If you’re only thinking about, oh, I might test in someone that has recently come from Africa or India or the Caribbean where these things are common, then you’re going to miss out on people experiencing these infections from plain mosquitoes here in the New York, New Jersey northeast area, that if the mosquito bites someone that has been to any one of those countries and they acquired that infection while down there, then as soon as they fly back up here, they still have the infection.
Just because they’re living in the Northeast now doesn’t mean they aren’t experiencing the infection. And so it may be a subclinical infection that sure, maybe one out of every 20 cases of dengue, a virus will have serious and severe complications. But the other 19 out of 20, it’s going to present itself as underlying fatigue, malaise, joint pain that unfortunately, if those individuals go to the primary care physician, he’s going to say, oh, it’s stress. So it’s Old-Age. Oh, it’s you know, whatever else is going on in your life emotionally or it’s it might be the medication. They’re going to think of numerous different other causes for it, but they’re not going to think about underlying mosquito infections.
And so what happens is they’re going to probably send them to the rheumatologist. The rheumatologist is going to put them on their steroid, in fact, steroid medication or analgesic medication. And they’re going to go down that route and not find any solutions for their issues when ultimately it’s not about treating the symptom. It’s about treating the underlying cause. So for something like a dengue. Yes, it can usually resolve by itself, but it needs the proper immune stimulation in order to do so.
Dr. Inna Topiler: And you know, what you’re saying is so interesting and so important because I think so many people have these underlying infections and because of our environment and we’re exposed to so many things and stress and everything else that’s going on, the immune system is just not able to handle it. And then if we have one infection that’s underlying, maybe there’s two there’s three in the body just gets overwhelmed with all of that.
Dr. Garcia: Absolutely. Like a glass that can fill up with many, many different infections, imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, toxicities. However, as you continue to add those imbalances to our body. Well, the glass becomes filled with them. It can tolerate up to half way, three quarters of the way. But once it becomes filled to the very top, one more drop of anything. And it’s going to start to spill over. And so it’s when we spill over that these symptoms and clinical episodes begin to appear. Unfortunately, everyone is always paying attention to the last straw that broke the camel’s back as opposed to everything lying underneath. And fortunately, through biomagnetism and the Bio-Energy work, we can ask as to what is going on, what’s causing that particular symptom. What’s underlying everything that allowed for that to occur? Yeah, you just have to peel away layers of the onion.

Dr. Inna Topiler: Absolutely. And I can’t agree more in my listener knows you really well because I use this analogy very similar to what you’re just used at the glass. I always say the overflowing bucket, which is really the same idea. Absolutely. For more information about Biomagnetism terminologies visit What is Biomagnetism?

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