Malaria and Biomagnetism


Yes, that’s right. The deadliest and poorly misunderstood disease Malaria can be addressed with Biomagnetism! So, you think just because you live in a country that’s supposedly free of Malaria you are not at risk? Wrong. Not only has global warming contributed to mosquitoes living longer but also flying further and being more infectious than ever! When in the Northeastern United States, the cold weather would traditionally kill off the mosquitoes in September. But now, with the warmer weather until November, one can still find some mosquitoes hanging around until late October early November which gives them more time to continue to transmit whatever infectious disease they are carrying! The fact that air travel has also facilitated our travels around the world; everyone no longer needs to travel deep into the heart of the Amazon forest to get bitten by mosquitoes and acquire Malaria. All it really takes is just a single mosquito bite right in your backyard in rural NJ or wherever you may be. It’s not that the mosquito found its way from sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia or South America to NJ, but his parasitic passengers, the parasite species Plasmodium did.

 If a person from NJ travels to any one of the equatorial countries thousands of miles north or south of the equator for the summer and is bitten by a Malaria carrying mosquito, this person then returns home from vacation carrying the parasites. Days or weeks later when a different mosquito bites this same person with Malaria, this mosquito is now able to then transmit it to any new person it bites in the same neighborhood from a range of several hundred feet up to a range of 3 miles away. Given that the lifespan of a female mosquito can be just over 50 days, and the fact that it can bite over 20 other people before it dies, leaving an exponential number of people infected with Malaria or any other mosquito carrying disease.


Symptoms of Malaria

Typical symptoms include but are not limited to: Chronic fatigue, malaise, fevers, night sweats, hot flashes, stiff neck, painful joints, fibromyalgia symptoms, lethargic, brain fog, flu-like illness, chills, headache, and muscle aches. Some less frequent symptoms can be anemia, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

How I Healed Myself?

On a personal note, I had my first real encounter with Malaria back in July of 2013, when my wife and I traveled to India on vacation. The day after returning, we fell ill and experienced all the above Malaria symptoms! We were bedridden for 3 days! When I finally had the energy and mental clarity to give my wife a Biomagnetism session, I discovered the Malaria pair Cervical vertebrae 3 / Bladder. I placed this pair along with the others (found in the app when you type in Malaria) and within 20 minutes, she felt a dramatic change. I then placed all those pairs on myself and experienced an equal dramatic difference. We have been free of all those Malarial symptoms ever since that fateful day and today I find Biomagnetic Malaria pairs on patients on a weekly basis! Thank you Biomagnetism!

Many of the Biomagnetism pairs for Malaria can be found in the Beyond Biomag 3D App. Give them all a try and observe how you feel afterward. It’s always a good idea to place the same magnet pairs on yourself once again about 10 to 15 days later just in case.

For more reading about how Malaria is more common than previously thought and how it helped America win independence, check out these great links!

For more information about Biomagnetism terminologies visit biomagnetic pair therapy session

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