Beyond Biomag 3D App- The best way to detect and identify anatomical scan points

$8.99/Month – $100/Annually

Beyond Biomag 3D App is a reference guide for clients and practitioners to locate the anatomical Biomagnetism pairs using 3D Male and Female models. The intuitive user will be able to interface  along with an appropriate combination of efficiency and responsiveness that enables seamless access to all the functionalities easier than ever. The App helps to capture Biomagnetism details along with images for easy reference and better therapeutic approach to wellness of the clients. The user can easily search the Dictionary and will be able to tap on the identified anatomical points which will help to place the magnets on the tapped points for the requisite duration. This helps in achieving homeostasis in the body

Attractive Features of Beyond Biomagnetism Apps

  1. View biomagnetism pairs, associated health concerns and microbiome.
  2. Search for health concerns, microbiome associated with a specific anatomical biomagnetism pair.
  3. Fast and filtered searches.
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