Creating pH Balance for
Optimal Health Bernadette Gold
The Gold Factor

In this episode of The Gold Factor: Summon Your Greatness Podcast, we dive deep into the transformative journey of achieving optimal health through balancing your body’s pH. Bernadette shares her personal experiences with cutting-edge alternative therapies such as Biomagnetism Therapy, Rife Therapy with Plasma, Scalar Energy, and comprehensive Detox programs.

This episode is not just a story; it’s a guide to understanding how pH imbalances can profoundly affect our health and how these innovative alternative therapies offer a path to recovery and vitality. Whether you’re a health enthusiast seeking new perspectives or someone looking for alternative solutions to health challenges, this episode promises insights into how you can summon your greatness by creating balance in your life. Tune in to discover how to harness these therapies for your well-being and embark on your own journey toward optimal health.

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