Importance of Biomagnetism Training


Must I be in the health field to perform Biomagnetism Therapy on others?

No. Anyone from all walks of life from stay at home moms to film directors to 5-star Generals can and have learned this modality and learned it exceedingly well. Those health professionals (Chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, veterinarians, medical doctors, etc…) that already have a solid background in anatomy, physiology, biology and other areas of health, perhaps may learn some basics a little faster. However, it is such a new and revolutionary concept and modality that most health professionals will have to re-study these topics to be able to dominate them with this therapy.

Anyone who wants to enjoy optimum health and apply this therapy to his/her family as well as to help others heal themselves is the perfect candidate to learn Biomagnetism. As in any other profession, becoming a master takes time, practice, patience, study and requires good intentions. In the same way that anyone can learn and practice playing the piano, anyone can learn Biomagnetism therapy.

The most important question to ask yourself is, ‘How good do you want to become?’ Just like anyone can learn to play the Happy Birthday or Yankee Doodle song on the piano, anyone can learn to place magnets on the body. However, do you want to just stop there, or do you want to learn to play more difficult songs on the piano or even learn to write piano music? The same applies with Biomagnetism Therapy. Do you want to learn to address difficult client cases or even learn how to discover new personalized pairs? If you have enough of a passion, open mind, and desire to learn and help others, then you can become a very skilled Biomagnetism practitioner. Students of Biomagnetism are encouraged to continue their studies of the many different subjects encountered at their own rate. To become more proficient and skilled, it is recommended that you continue your training by attending additional seminars over time. This will keep your knowledge base updated with the most current information as well as reviewing your basic training principles and techniques and providing you with an on-going network and support of fellow practitioners.

Biomagnetism is compatible with all other therapies and treatments such as conventional, medical and pharmacological treatments as well as natural therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, and others. Adding it to your repertoire of modalities offered can be very beneficial for all involved. Hundreds of allopathic doctors around the world are already using this powerful technique in their medical offices and clinics to complement and enhance their medical treatments. Magnets for applying Biomagnetism can be purchased at If you are considering becoming trained in Biomagnetism, join us at our next Biomagnetism Training Session in May 2019. For more information, visit our training information site.


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