Measles on the Legs


A young female client in late 20’s developed an itchy red rash on both of her legs that appeared just a few days after her spring break vacation. She was not sure where she picked it up from or what it was because she had been up to date with all of her vaccines. The client admitted to being in hotel pools and jacuzzis during vacation. She wanted to give Biomagnetism a try, before booking an appointment with a Dermatologist to get their opinion and discuss what she should do about her condition.

Before her Biomagnetism Session: Image of the client’s legs with visible red rash.

5 days after Biomagnetism Session: Magnets were placed on the relevant biomagnetism pairs relating to the English Measles virus. After just one session, her itching stopped 12 to 24 hours afterward and both of her legs cleared up completely by the 6th day.

She no longer felt the need to see the specialist as the rash is cleared completely. Thanks to Biomagnetism. She has remained rash free ever since.

For more information about Biomagnetism and its practices refer drgarciabiomagnetism 

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